The Alternative Gear Guide 2016

    In recent times, I would argue that cricketers are starting to know more about the cricket equipment market as a whole, perhaps more than ever before. Today, thanks to increasing internet coverage – especially through social media – cricketers are more informed, often bordering on the fastidious when choosing their equipment – looking for particular traits that fit their specifications to a tee. As I have made aware in previous posts, I am a self-confessed cricket equipment badger. I’ll scower…

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    Cricket Sponsorships: A Privilege, not a Right!

    Few topics in the cricket industry spark as much debate as cricket sponsorships.  There are mixed views amongst retailers, brands and manufacturers, but regardless of opinion, everyone I know has a…

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    The Rise of the Long Blade Cricket Bat

    Cricket bat sizing is a funny thing.  It doesn’t appear to be uniform across different manufacturers – especially in junior sizes.  Also, the fact that many junior and senior players are…

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    Introducing… BOSS Cricket

    For a long time now, we at It’s Just Cricket have been calling out for a brand which takes the best aspects of the higher end, boutique companies, and combines it…