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For a long time now, we at It’s Just Cricket have been calling out for a brand which takes the best aspects of the higher end, boutique companies, and combines it with an accessible price point which is available to all levels of cricketer. Finally, after a bit of a wait, we have BOSS Cricket!

A combination of three internationally acclaimed, globally successful growing brands, BOSS has drawn on the expertise gathered from these parent companies, and combined it with appealing branding and hand-crafted bats, to produce a brand with mainstream appeal without forgoing any of the luxury and attention to detail associated with more expensive names.

A small but well thought out range was launched into the UK market earlier this season, consisting of two bats, one pair of pads and gloves, and a combi-thigh pad set. Immediately we here at IJC were very impressed, and secured UK exclusivity for the BOSS brand. We handpicked our first batch of bats, the Assassin and Menace, and they absolutely flew off the shelf. Customers couldn’t get enough of the incredible value for money that the range offered.

Both bats are the same shape, with the Assassin being Grade 2 English Willow, and the Menace Grade 3. Although these are the published grades, we take little notice of them. In our most recent batch, we had Assassin bats looking better than some Grade 1+ bats, and the Menace being prettier than many £300+ bats we’ve seen from other brands!

The bats are all handmade in England by an experienced and world-renowned, master bat-maker, and feature the UK professional player’s shape of choice. A mid-low middle, with a duckbill toe, and minimal concaving is ideal for the front foot player, who likes to play their shots. A wide middle and impressive performance higher up the blade ensures full value for strokes anywhere on the blade.

The pads and gloves have also been very popular, and it’s not hard to see why. The Limited Edition batting pads feature a hybrid of foam and cane on the front, which helps maintain excellent quality protection, whilst simultaneously benefiting from a feather light feel on the legs. The shin bolster has also been designed to wrap around the leg, giving the pads a real snug fit on the leg – very comfortable for a long innings at the crease! Similarly, the Limited Edition Batting Gloves come with a block split – allowing great flexibility, without sacrificing on protection levels. The sheepskin palm is a personal highlight of mine – incredibly soft and forgiving, meaning a really close feel on the handle of the bat.

I think what impressed me most about BOSS, however, was the coherent approach to the brand. The small touches, such as the detailed embossing on the fully UK printed decals, the specially designed shape, or the unique and incredibly comfortable lining on the thigh pads, are all details which no other small and new brand go to such effort to achieve. BOSS stands out in a crowded cricket market – it stands out on our shelves (and we like to think the competition is pretty stiff in our Central London showroom!) It does things a little bit differently to most other smaller brands. Having the backing of the three internationally successful brands I think is a really big positive – as a customer, it would reassure me that the brand is about high quality, great customer service and superb value for money. The striking green and blue colour way which is present throughout the range ensures that BOSS is a recognizable name – not just for the well designed logo, but for the fast-growing reputation as the premier supplier of high quality, brilliant value for money cricket kit in today’s market.

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The views expressed in this blog are those of the author, Chris Beaumont-Dark, and do not necessarily reflect that of It’s Just Cricket Ltd.

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